I live in the UK Finland and I currently work as a programmer. If you would like to get in touch you can email me at mike@mikejsavage.co.uk.

Right now I am slowly working on a little game engine, and I occasionally write programming related blog posts. My older projects are on Github.

Blog archive

25 Jun 2017C++ tricks: NO_INIT
01 May 2017Pwn3d
22 Apr 2017Progress: libinput
11 Apr 2017bug489729
01 Apr 2017C++ tricks: better casting
25 Mar 2017Least effort unit tests
23 Mar 2017Caches are fast, hashes are fast
02 Mar 2017C++ tricks: safe ARRAY_COUNT
02 Mar 2017C++ tricks: ZERO
31 Jan 2017Dumping a git repository to an encrypted zip file
25 Jan 2017Windows post-install for developers
29 Dec 2016Billions
23 Apr 2016Auto-mounting removable drives
27 Dec 2015Moving to OpenBSD