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01 May 2017 / Pwn3d

lol I got a computer virus.

I noticed a WmiDrvSSE.exe burning 75% of my CPU, and promptly killed it. It immediately came back and went back to thrashing, so I looked a little harder. Everything says it's in C:\Windows\debug\WmiDrvSSE.exe, right click and get properties, not signed by Microsoft. Ok let's go look, it's not there but there is a PASSWD.log (apparently this is a normal Windows file?). Turn on the show system files option and there's a bunch of fucking DLLs like curl and iconv and winpthreads, so I rename the exe and kill it again, which stops it coming back.

Check my process list for anything else, winl0gon.exe, kill this shit, it immediately respawns itself, rename that file too (same folder) and kill it again and it stays dead. There's also an RegisterService.exe, so I check my services and sure enough there's a Windows FirewalI entry pointing at winl0gon.

I immediately assumed that a virus burning my CPU (cleverly it left one core idle so most people wouldn't notice it) would be running crypto ops, but fortunately virus total seems to think it was just a bitcoin miner. Checked the file creation date and they only got to mine for like 20 minutes.

The big question is of course, how did it get in? I was lucky enough to catch it within half an hour so I could remember what I was doing at it's file creation time: I was browsing the web like normal.

This is one of the things security conscious people get wrong a lot. Package signing is useless. Reproducible builds are useless. I have no real reason to be worried about my government attacking me through insane channels. Nobody is going to bother, when my web browser doubles up as an unauthenticated shell server.

I asked in the firefox IRC channel if there were any known exploits in 51.0.1 and was immediately chastised for being a few versions out of date. Lol. So my choice is malware, or constantly broken UI and extensions. (UPDATE: Firefox 52 drops support for ALSA on Linux too)

Does anyone know how to run Firefox in a sandbox? Like a real sandbox, not the useless tab sandbox Firefox already has built in, I want UAC dialogs every time it tries to read or write anything outside its installation directory, every time it tries to create a file. I could run whatever the fuck version of Firefox I want to and not have to worry about this.

For Googler's sake, the full list of files was:


and all of them are system files so you have to go into folder options and turn those on to be able to see them.