18 Aug 2020 • OpenSMTPD is excellent 2020 edition

It's been three years since I first posted this and OpenSMTPD still kicks dick. But the config format and plugin ecosystem has changed a lot since then so I thought I'd post my config again (minus some Mike stuff covered elsewhere on this blog). The biggest differences from last time are that smtpd has filters now and Jeff Bezos delivers my mail.


pki mikejsavage.co.uk cert "/etc/ssl/mikejsavage.co.uk.fullchain.pem"
pki mikejsavage.co.uk key "/etc/ssl/private/mikejsavage.co.uk.key"

# Incoming
filter rspamd proc-exec "filter-rspamd"
listen on all tls pki mikejsavage.co.uk filter rspamd
action deliver_local maildir virtual { "@" => mike }
match from any for local action deliver_local

# Outgoing
filter "dkimsign" proc-exec "filter-dkimsign -d mikejsavage.co.uk -s dkim -k /etc/mail/dkim.mikejsavage.co.uk.key" user _dkimsign group _dkimsign
table ses_credentials file:/etc/mail/ses_credentials
listen on all port submission tls-require pki mikejsavage.co.uk auth filter dkimsign
action relay_ses relay host smtp+tls://ses@email-smtp.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com auth <ses_credentials>
match auth from any for any action relay_ses