5 Apr 2018 • Never update anything #145432

I occasionally write posts like this and then delete because it's just whining about things that are not interesting and nobody wants to read it. But this case was so annoying so that I have to push it.

I wanted to install OBS so I could record my screen with sound. OBS has a lot of dependencies and thanks to dynamic linking that basically meant I had to update everything on my PC, so I did.

Then when I went back to working on compression I noticed my codec was running at half the speed it was before. WTF ok, I'll go disable the Meltdown patches, nope that made no difference, WTF.

Now for some reason my code runs like absolute shit unless I run it in a loop inside the program. Before I was checking perf by running the program lots of times, so like for i in {1..n}; do ./program; done, and now I have to do the loop from C or it runs half as fast.

This annoys me so much because I've made real breakthroughs in compression perf and I could have missed them over something as stupid as this. I actually did the first implementation on the plane on my laptop and got horrible results. If I got bad perf on my desktop too I'd probably have just given up.

The only thing I want from my computer is for it to work exactly like it did yesterday. I want to get my real work done and not waste time on things like this. Nobody seems to understand this besides the OpenBSD team. Reading the OpenBSD 6.3 changes there's nothing in there that affects how I use it, it's just like before but it works a bit better, so I know I can do the 10 minute upgrade and not have to worry about anything breaking. Everyone else is like "we introduced nothing of value but we sure did fuck up a bunch of other shit and yep we will berate you for not upgrading".

BTW audio is such a shitshow on Linux that OBS didn't work and I had to remove it anyway.