15 Oct 2017 • Not even not upgrading can save me

A bunch of shit in Firefox has been breaking for me lately. :open in Vimperator has entirely stopped working on my laptop. Not even restarting helps.

The NoScript buttons in the tab bar randomly disappear and I have to restart.

Firefox randomly can't open web pages unless I try again. I thought it might have been a router problem or something but no other piece of software on my PC has this problem.

FFS I don't upgrade software so I can avoid garbage like this, but apparently not even that helps.

Actually I did upgrade this server to 6.2 today. I noticed it had 186 days of uptime before I took it down, so it's been alive since I did the update to 6.1. None of the long-running software I use has crashed a single time during that period. Upgrading probably took less than five minutes and everything came up and worked first time. Why can't all software be OpenBSD?

Couple of updates a few days later: my RSS cronjob is hanging for some unknown reason and I needed to reinstall rspamd (I think I built it myself before). Also the Firefox failures have spread to my desktop.